Thursday, 22 September 2011

Angerfist the Tortoise

Last week was my first time off in 3 years. I have been away in Crete enjoying the sea, the sunshine and most importantly the fun which can be had with the beer named Vergina. The comic value of Vergina is limitless. Relaxing with a couple of Verginas in the hot tub, enjoying a Vergina on the terrace in full view of the German family in the villa next door, a contemplative Vergina in the still of night, warm Verginas, cold Verginas, foaming Vergina, Vergina shandy. I could go on all year!

In true beer blogger style I conducted side by side tasting of the domestic and international beers and have rated them in this handy table.

I have returned to some exciting developments. Firstly the brewery has a wondrous new 4” water supply.  Mr Sharp was “careful with money”. When he bought a new water supply in 2001 it was just about adequate for building the brewery but not really for brewing beer in it. Mr Baker and Keohane were equally “careful”. The brewing and racking teams and anyone who has tried to fill a kettle upstairs at 3PM or washed their hands in the upstairs toilet have struggled manfully with this supply for the last ten years. Recently it has been causing us serious problems. With the new supply, for the first time we have enough water everywhere at all times. A major step forward for brewing, racking and tea making. This good news has been tempered by an increasingly bleak outlook with regard to getting a large enough quantity of exciting hops for my needs next year. 

The second development is the pitter patter of tiny feet in the Howe household. I am the proud father of a Mediterranean tortoise. She is only the size of a chicken egg at the moment and sleeps most of the time. I have decided to call her Angerfist as it seems fitting for a small docile animal which lives on a diet of wild flowers.  Apparently if I don’t manage to accidentally kill her in the meantime Angerfist will be the size of a side plate in 3 years. 

And finally here's a picture of me and the rest of the Brewer's of the Year.


Ghost Drinker said...

Welcome to the fold!! My 3yr old Hermans is called Megatron and he's a very mischievous and noisy bastard! Looking after a shelled friend is a awesome experience. (watch out for the beaks! They will try and eat EVERYTHING) :)

Adrian Tierney-Jones said...

Crete eh? Tanks coming through the woods or more likely paratroopers dropping in for tea and buns.

guinch said...

Brewers of the year (sure its not brewers of the last 100 years) - you are the only young guy in the picture howie :)

Stuart Howe said...

Thanks Ghostie, I hope I am responsible enough.

I took my own Panzer Adrian. It's was fuelled on Vergina!

It is a while since I have been called young Lee! Bless you. I seem to remember you being a couple of years older than me in any case. Good to hear from you.

the Toss said...

Angerfist? Filthyfinger, more like!

Mark, said...

If you think Alfa's bad, try it with Sprite. Worst lager top ever.

Simon Johnson said...

"Worse than Mythos". Probably the most damning beer review I've ever read.

Re. Vergina: were you only able to have Vergina round the clock or was it only put out at certain times? Was there Vergina for breakfast? Did you ever experience yeasty or infected Vergina?

Did you bring any back? Will Angerfist ever get a taste of Vergina?


BeerReviewsAndy said...

Congrats on the tortoise!! I used to have one, i miss him, but her indoors said i cant have another one..

I managed to find a couple of different ones on out trip to Greece a few weeks ago, one was called craft black lager and the other volcan...which i think might have been right up your had oranges and herbs in it.

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