Thursday, 29 July 2010

Jellyfish Red

I did intend to be doing some work on my thesis tonight but Microsoft decided to change Excel and Word to make pasting graphs onto a word document more annoying than an episode of The Hills. To save my sanity and laptop I decided to do a post about a beer I have brewed to simultaneously upset and delight Oz Clarke on Sunday. It is a red ale brewed with the Jellyfish Aurelia. Oz apparently hates them.

I recently watched a documentary on jellyfish on Channel Five. You know the type of documentary with only 8 facts which are strewn out over an hour with lots of overly-dramatic music, repetitive images, effects and an overexcited voiceover from the bloke who does detergent ads. After each set of adverts there is a 10 minute recap of the 2 facts introduced in the first quarter of the programme along with the same music and images. In effect knowledge has been eaten and digested by the American production company and then defecated out into your mouth in a brown sausage of children’s TV for retarded adults. How stupid do you have to be to still be interested in the subject by the end of the programme?

The Jellyfish, which isn’t actually a fish, is a ball of protein and seawater with no brain and a common hole serving as a mouth and an anus(insert Channel Five joke here). I followed the same principles as with seawater mild in this beer using the sea salts to work with the liquor salts to add roundness. The protein from the jellyfish also comes in handy to boost the free amino nitrogen in the wort and allow me to use some extra glucose to dry up the finish without risking a stuck fermentation.

The jellyfish was picked up from Polzeath beach and added to the kettle as the wort was collected to make use of the proteolytic enzymes from the mash not yet denatured by the sparge. The beer is fruity with a very moreish dry finish. Dangerously moreish for an 8.8% beer.

Tech Spec:


Malt: pale ale, roasted wheat, 140 crystal, roasted barley

Hops: Northern Brewer, Perle, Bobek

Yeast: Sharp’s

Spices: Jellyfish


BeerReviewsAndy said...

when you say the jelly was collected from the beach did you just wander along and pick it up??

you can tell you dont live up here, you'd have more than likely ended up with a durex red than a jelly fish red.

Adrian Tierney-Jones said...

I hope the jelly fish died naturally and wasn’t hunted to exhaustion and then torn apart by a pack of staghounds or that you didn’t think of stuffing it and putting a bottle up its petrified anus and then serving it to Oz that. Just a thought

Tandleman said...

You are quite mad in a very engaging way. Love it though. Jelly fish beer. Who'd a thowt it?

Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

I sometimes wonder if you should take up Stand Up although you are by all accounts extremly proficient at your current occupation.

Stuart Howe said...

Up until last week there were 1000s (literally) of the Aurelia washed up on the Cornish beaches so it saved me having to buy some dried stuff from Asia. The jellyfish in question led a long and priviledged life before dying in its sleep while dreaming of becoming a beer ingredient.

Anonymous said...

Good to see the blog is back. How exactly do you tell if a jellyfish is dead and that your not boiling the poor bastard alive!?

Stuart Howe said...

It's good to be back Podrick. I think after sitting in one of my lunch boxes in the boot of my motor for the afternoon he was indeed an ex-jellyfish.

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