Tuesday 5 January 2010

First 21 Brews

Thank you kindly for the suggestions! I have come up with a list of the first 21 brews I am going for. You should see some of your suggestions in there. Due to the size of the fermenting equipment all the beers have to be either strong or already (deliberately) infected with spoilage organisms. You will therefore notice that very few of the beers are to be less than 7% ABV. Also the lowest temp I can use in maturation is 8oC so lagers are out of the question until I can get my hands on an old freezer. I am making an exception for Hoffmeister. The Trappist IPA is doing very nicely and is down to target gravity. The aroma coming off the fermenter is enough to put a bulge in anyone’s habit.

I have 29 left to come up with so please continue to suggest away.

1. 10% Trappist IPA
2. Barley Wine with ESB yeast
3. 22% ABV Turbo Yeast™ abomination (from hell)
4. Chilli Double IPA
5. Chestnut strong porter
6. Sloe lactic ale
7. Dark Saison
8. 2% ABV sour red
9. Cardamom wheat Beer
10. Hopfen Weisse
11. Hop-free gruit wheat with yarrow, turmeric, bay and lemon balm
12. 7-peel citrus tripel
13. Dangerously unbalanced session IPA
14. Shellfish stout (oyster, cockles and musssels)
15. Heston’s offal strong ale (chicken liver, kidneys and lamb heart)
16. 25 grain Chechnyan imperial stout
17. 50 hop triple IPA
18. Battle of the yeasts (1080 wort pitched with 7 yeast types to see which will contribute most)
19. Hoffmeister (resurrecting the classic lager)
20. Gorse Barley wine
21. Ginger, Honey and oat Strong Ale


Melissa Cole said...

Wow, that certainly is a list and a half! I think it'll be my turn to come and visit you for a vertical tasting of them all (how are the hospitals in Cornwall?!)

Seriously though, it sounds like there should be some top ones in there, although I do feel it should be Heston's Ofally Strong Ale - I shudder to think what the fermenter is going to smell like for that!

Meer For Beer said...

Second the view that there should be some top ones in there, I'll be interested in how you counteract the sometimes excessively bitter sloes. When making sloe gin I use an awful lot of sugar to get something drinkable.

For a suggestion I would say a herb beer, for example http://rosenlake.net/er/Grieves_HerbBeers.html has a suggestion or two. I hope to have another try at home brewing one day but after my only attempt at nettle beer ended up exploding I think until I get a shed it will remain a pipe-dream.

ZakAvery said...

Stuart, you seriously rock.

ZakAvery said...

What about:
Three Threads (producing four beers)
Black Pepper Stout
Cock Ale
Medovukha with juniper and chilli (I've tried this, and it's actually pretty good - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medovukha)

Sam said...

How about a mushroom beer

Oyster Mushroom Stout,
Black Truffle Porter,
Porcini Ale,
Chanterelle Tripel?

Sam said...

Would it be possible to use a sourdough starter to start the fermentation?

Mark said...

"3. 22% ABV Turbo Yeast™ abomination (from hell)"

Best. Beer name. Ever. I have no idea what on Earth it is, but what a name!


Laurent Mousson said...

Wasabi Imperial Stout anyone ?
Could work well with sushi...

Anonymous said...

How about...

Nutmeg Parsnip Porter
Balsamico Strawberry ESB
Jerked Plantain Bitter
Smoked Salmon and Dill Witbier
Single-Hop Single-Malt 1% ABV Ale
Belgian Waffle: Quadrupel with Maple Syrup and Bananas
Cola Beer
Cream Tea Ale
Pineapple-JalapeƱo Rauchbier

BeerReviewsAndy said...

some of those sounds absolutely stunning.

Korev said...

What about an historical beer say Truemans Export Stout 1890 style about 8% ABV - see the Shut Up About Barclay Perkins Site

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