Monday 17 May 2010

More Suggestions Please

The gravity on the barley wine is dropping nicely and the neutral spirit has turned a bright yellow as the colour and aroma has been leached from the gorse flowers so all is on course for success. Judging the point at which to drain off the flowers is going to be critical. If the maceration is too long and the spirit could just taste like grass. Too short and the important flavours will be left in the flowers. I’m tempted to repeat the experiment with hops and see what I am able to extract from them.

It only seems like yesterday that I first asked for suggestions for the 52 brews but I am already at the end of my first 22. Judging by the hits the blog is receiving it looks like the idea has captured people's imagination. I have also noted that another brewery have asked for online suggestions for beers to brew (sincerest form of flattery). So as I ride my crest of self congratulation, can ask you beautiful, clever and talented people for some more suggestions?

None that involve ice or lemon wedges though, pl-lease!


Cooking Lager said...

Can I suggest you brew a beer called "pong" ?

I would that, just love it and it would make me smile for days.

ZakAvery said...

The first 21:
1. 10% Trappist IPA
2. Barley Wine with ESB yeast
3. 22% ABV Turbo Yeast™ abomination (from hell)
4. Chilli Double IPA
5. Chestnut strong porter
6. Sloe lactic ale
7. Dark Saison
8. 2% ABV sour red
9. Cardamom wheat Beer
10. Hopfen Weisse
11. Hop-free gruit wheat with yarrow, turmeric, bay and lemon balm
12. 7-peel citrus tripel
13. Dangerously unbalanced session IPA
14. Shellfish stout (oyster, cockles and musssels)
15. Heston’s offal strong ale (chicken liver, kidneys and lamb heart)
16. 25 grain Chechnyan imperial stout
17. 50 hop triple IPA
18. Battle of the yeasts (1080 wort pitched with 7 yeast types to see which will contribute most)
19. Hoffmeister (resurrecting the classic lager)
20. Gorse Barley wine
21. Ginger, Honey and oat Strong Ale

First-runnings barley wine and small beer
Stock ale (allowed to spoil)
Blended stock and running ale
Imperial mild
American strong golden ale (Duvel con Chinook)
Savoury triple (bay, rosemary and oregano)
Christmas pudding porter
Chocolate & Peppermint stout (After Eights for the Over Eighteens)
Summer session ale with herbs (lemon verbena?)
Imperial Lout

Crown Brewery said...

I'd love to try The Chilli IIPA but I'm afraid I dropped the bottle Andy Mogg brought for me on Sunday. I was aiming for my pocket but I missed, Mr Avery was witness to a similar incident last year but fortunately that time the bottle was empty although I was just as drunk.
I was gutted I really was looking forward to comparing your chilli beer with mine.

What about curry beer, all the spices from your favourite style of curry in a beer.

Sam said...

Mushroom beer of some kind.

Oyster Mushroom stout

Something with dried porcini or shitake would be interesting I think.

BeerReviewsAndy said...

mmmm curry beer, how about a nice sour fruit beer - but with some sort of different fruit - kiwi or melon?

i know mark dredge loves desperados so how about one with tequila and lime in, h was also drinking carling c2 after twissup so a 2% beer could also be a winner.

Stu did in deed trop a bottle of chilli ipa and then proceeded to suck some of it off his shoe, maybe he could describe the taste of shoe and you could make a beer dedicated to his drunken clumsiness.

Mark said...

How about ...

1) A beer where none of the fermentable sugar comes from grain. You can use specialty grains for colour and flavour but all the fermentables must come from other sources: honey, maple syrup, golden syrup etc.

2) A chocolate stout with marshmallows.

3) A cream ale with Strawberries.

4) A blond summer ale with rice in the grist, green tea and then dry hopped with Jasmine flowers.

5) Marmite Imperial Stout. (Should be so rich and dense that you almost want to spread it on toast and eat it with strong cheddar cheese).

Leigh said...

Chestnut Lager. Sweet, moreish and tasty. That's my work here done!!

Mark Dredge said...

Oi Moggy, stop spreading these terrible rumours! And I drank the C2 in an ornate snifter, so it doesn't count...

Some great choices here already. Could you make a beer so astringently bitter through using loads of dark malts that it doesn't need hops? Perhaps using pepper or herbs instead if balance is needed?

BeerReviewsAndy said...

hehehehe it was quite an ornate snifter ill give you that!

ZakAvery said...

Wait, was this ornate snifter one of Kristy's shoes?

Anonymous said...

How about having a crack at brewing some kind of beer/cider 'snakebite' combo that is somewhere close to being palatable? Cornwall being famous for its ciders it shouldn't be hard to find inspiration. I won't be surprised if this comment is deleted!

Mark, said...

Black Forest Stout - black cherry, rich, bad for you!

Blueberry IPA - all American like a muffin you could cuddle, a dash of citrus hop and lots of berry fruit taste (easy on the prairie grass)

The Perfect Pizza Beer

I'll second imperial lout and imperial mild (whatever that means?!) And choc marshmallow stout too

Stuart Howe said...

Fantastic suggestions. Thank you team, I'll have a think on these and get a next 22 listed off. How about I prefix all of their names with Imperial?

For the last 7 I'm thinking of doing a best of the 52 rebrew. This should really test me as I'll have to rememebr how on earth I made them in the first place!

Sam said...

An idea popped into my head whilst reading the other comments, you could try to make the most satisfyingly savoury beer ever.

Ingredients could include, marmite, anchovies, soy sauce, seaweed, parmesan and mushrooms.

And you could call it THE UMAMI BOMB

Although I'm guessing there is already a fair bit of glutamate in beers anyway but this could be interesting.

Mark, said...

What about an Imperial Mint beer. I guess if you are prefixing everything with Imperial that becomes Imperial Imperial Mint beer.

ZakAvery said...

What about using some Nando's seasoning and making an Imperi-periale?

Anonymous said...

Making a genuine West Country White Ale would probably be too m uch of a faff, so here's a few of the sorts of ales pre-hop brewers used to make in Britain:
Broom ale
Wormwod ale
Scurvy-grass ale
Daucus (wild carrot seed) ale
Yarrow ale
Ground-ivy ale
Rosemary ale
Sage ale
Mint ale
Dandelion ale
Rowan berry ale
Service berry ale.
Mint and chocolte stout sounds good!

Richard E. Simpson said...

The chap visiting you today tells me he has plenty of suggestions! We do know a local farmer of excellent oysters if you fancy a stout challenge...maybe with some GNO's??

Korev said...

My suggestion is an aniseed pale beer for pairing with fish and/or an aniseed/liquorice belgian type beer higher alc as an aperitif/digestif i.e. Pernod substitute

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