Tuesday 28 September 2010

Seesaw of Fate

In order to plug the gaping chasm in my self pity dam I need some good fortune to balance out the bad.


1. Tanker company failing to show leading to tank lock in the brewery

2. Tank lock exacerbated by a sick pump

3. Transfer pump drawing in air

4. Entirely unexplainable fall in yeast viability

5. Racking operator sick, another on go slow

6. Low yeast count in CT1

7. Sucrose for brew with Jean-Marie held up due to errant bacs payment

8. New season’s Saaz not available for Patersbier

9. My mate Keith (Otter Head Brewer) cancelling a much needed drinkathon next Saturday

10. New 2nd brewer who was due to start next week has gone elsewhere so another holiday cancelled and any chances of a day off before Christmas vanished like a dream

11. Head 4 on the racker still leaking despite telling Captain Chaos to sort twice


1. Very low reading on ATPase machine for sterile filtered water

2. Gift of 4 delicious-looking beers from Doug Odell ahead of his visit to the brewery on Saturday

3. Everything in the brewery tastes very good

Other News

Sadly Kelly Ryan has been deported for being far too attractive and good at brewing. A spokesman for the Immigration Authority said it was the worse case of non-British hair he had seen since Jon Bon Jovi.


Adrian Tierney-Jones said...

Good to see you getting a sense of perspective and I think in retrospect it’s probably a good idea of the drinkathon being cancelled (we in the southwest will all breathe easily until next time).
Great news about Doug Odell though.

BeerReviewsAndy said...

The last bit about Kelly really did make me laugh out loud!

Like ATJ said, great news about Doug Odell.

Baron Orm said...

Your Bad list reads like a complete nightmare!

Like BeerReviewsAndy the reference to Kelly also made me LOL! :)

stephanie said...

Oh no Stu, no 2nd brewer. That is a complete nightmare!

Anonymous said...

At long last, my dreams of having hair like Jon BJ have come to fruition. For a long time I had imaginings of Alice Cooper, even Eddie Van Halen and there was a bit of a spell where Robert Smith-esque Doom Locks were what I wanted.

When I return I expect your mane to be flowing. I won't tell you when I'll be back, so be prepared!


Stuart Howe said...

We're half way there
Woahh Livin' on a prayer!
Take my hand and we'll make it - I swear
Woahh Livin' on a prayer

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