Sunday 31 October 2010

Monsieur Rock

A small update on the progress of my collaboration brew with Jean-Marie Rock. The beer is in CT16 with the dry hops enjoying a relaxing break from the world at just above 0C and 1bar. When it is finished it will be called Monsieur Rock (thank you Adrian). The Orval flavour panel were as impressed as mine with the beer and Monsieur Rock was positively glowing in his praise. The beer has been run through the superbly well-equipped Orval lab and the results are as follows.
I wish every day of the year came with an extra hour.


Beard Beer Blogger said...

So is the acetaldehyde perceptible in this beer, I have no idea what the taste threshold is for this compound but I assume it is quite low.

Stuart Howe said...

The experimentally derived aroma threshold for acetaldehyde is 10PPM so M.Rock is just over this. Aroma thresholds tend to be determined using beers like Bud and Miller so must be treated with caution with regard to beers with their own flavour. I can't pick up any acetaldehyde on the beer and I am very sensitive to it. There is so much Saaz aroma I think you would need a great deal more than just over the threshold concentration to make another flavour evident. I should also point out that the continental brewers use a comma as a decimal point so the concentration is 10.705PPM not 10k!

Beard Beer Blogger said...

Those commas always throw me off, but I read enough journal articles that I caught myself. Stuart, I would like to thank you for always being available to answer my questions, I am sure your a very busy man. If I ever get around to it, I am going to ship you a package of my own beer.

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