Thursday 13 January 2011

Talk to the HAND (see what I've done there?)

On 29th January at around 3:30PM I will be personally introducing Monsieur Rock (the beer rather than the man) and a few speciality blog brews to anyone who will listen at HAND-Falmouth. I am also going to do a slightly informed tasting of Orval and its American tribute Matilda. HAND is (I have heard) a fantastic bar selling good beers from across the globe some of which some people would call craft beers. It is a ticket only event so if you are interested please contact HAND to book a place. I assure you that you will get to drink beer worth a great deal more than the price of a ticket. The list of beers for tasting at the event will be:
  1. Monsieur Rock
  2. Orval
  3. Chalky’s Bite
  4. Goose Island Matilda
  5. 50 Hop IPA (Angerfist Remix)
  6. 25 Grain Chechen Imperial Stout
  7. DW

 I hope to see you there.


Beard Beer Blogger said...

Goose Island makes excellent beer, I wish I could make it.

Unknown said...

Ah, now I'm gutted like a split kipper. I'll be horrendously hungover from my wife's birthday bash the day before and so have no chance of making this in one cogent piece. And I feel the need for M. Rock. Damn shame.

Stuart Howe said...

It is indeed a shame Gents. I shall dedicate a beer to you when I'm tasting.

BeerReviewsAndy said...

now only if falmouth wasn't at the other end of the country, I will make up for it by drinking a bottle of Orval, matilda and maybe my last DW ;op

is Monsieur Rock going to go on sale at any point....please say yes...

Stuart Howe said...

I am honoured Andy!

Monsieur Rock is very avialable. You wouldn't know it though! I can only assume that our sales team like it so much that they are keeping it to themselves.

BeerReviewsAndy said...

i suggest you give your sales team a kick from me...otherwise i might have to come down there and do it with my size 13's lol

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