Sunday 6 February 2011

Prologue to 12 Brew One: Otter Brewery and Keith Bennett

You have probably seen the film Misery. The first scene involves James Caan's character finishing a book and following a time-honoured ritual of drinking fizzy wine and smoking. A similar ritual involving neither the smoking nor rotten grape consumption took place in my front room on Saturday. In a scene repeated every year for the last 10, I celebrated my end of term with a couple of Orval, a Westmalle Tripel and a few other beers which feature a dangerous paucity of hops (I know I’m shameless). Fortunately I wasn’t visited by a rotund mentalist trying to break my ankles with a sledgehammer.

Next Saturday sees the first brew in my 12 brews in 12 months. This one’s a bit different to the others because I’m playing at home. My brother in beer for the first brew Keith Bennett, Head Brewer of Otter Brewery is coming to Rock to make our brew. The beer will be a strong ale, the full details of which will follow in an forthcoming post. I’ll also use that post to tell you a little more about the charming Otter brewery and its slightly less charming (in the best way) Head Brewer.


BeerReviewsAndy said...

cool, have fun, i'm sure you will

Adrian Tierney-Jones said...

Looking forward to what you and Keith bring out into the world. Tell him Otter Head is the chosen beer of us connoisseurs in Dulverton that frequent my local — and the fact that it is three minutes away means that I can celebrate this fortuitous marriage of the grain with the hop for as long as I like.

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