Friday 15 April 2011

Even geduld aub, niet verliezen het geloof

Of late, my weeks seem to be rollercoaster of crushing lows and intoxicating highs. It’s not really a happy balance but it keeps you striving. I won’t bore you with the darker aspects because as the man from Virador Waste Management once said "you don’t want to hear my problems". On the brighter side the team at Camden have confirmed the date for my visit and it sounds like the blending night will be a meeting of passionate minds and good craich. I also heard about a secret and exciting project which hangs tantalisingly in front of me like a bottle opener in a sample cellar at 10:30 on a Saturday morning. On the even brighter side the interest in my beer tasting the next day at Tower Bridge Draft House is developing nicely. The Turbo Yeast Utter Abhorrence from Beyond the Ninth Level of Hades II, I did as a speculative project for this event is 23% ABV of balanced flavour subversion the like of which I have never tasted.

I have decided to prime the alcohol dehydrogenase enzymes of my liver ahead of tomorrow’s technical trip so I’m having a few medicinal sofa-based beers this evening. Clearing out the Director’s office I found a bottle of Leffe Ruby which was purchased because it was in a champagne bottle and left untouched ever since on my advice. I decided to give it a go as it was destined for the effluent plant and can report that it is unutterably appalling. I have spent the last hour apologising to my Westvleteren glass for exposing it to such evil. I would not be surprised if a shiver had crossed the shoulders of the brothers this evening. Aside from the flagrant exploitation of a romantic story can anyone explain the point of an abbey ale with berries rouge?

I digress. The line up for the 30th is:

1. Cask Atlantic IPA
2. Cask 3 year old Massive ale
3. Turbo Yeast Utter Abhorrence from Beyond the Ninth Level of Hades II
4. Monsieur Rock
5. Single Brew Reserve 2010
6. DW
7. Something even more exciting

I hope you can make it!


The Puffin said...

Intoxicating highs and crushing lows? Sounds like you've got bipolar II. How fashionable!

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