Saturday 21 May 2011

Last Night a Blogger Saved my Life

I have just got back to the brewery after my return journey from London. I stood behind the stand up comedian Tim Vine in the queue for the buffet. Not entirely sure if that’s relevant but celebrities are a novelty when you live in Cornwall. Did you know that he’s Jeremy Vine’s brother? Needless to say I had the last laugh.

Last night was without question the greatest honour of my career so far. If, when I started out breaking up hops at Brakspear you would have told me that in 14 years I would be having my beers matched with food at a dinner for some of the most influential people in the world of beer I would have laughed or kissed you. I was worried that bloggers would perhaps not be in tune with all of my beers but on the basis of what I saw and heard they approved.

All the bloggers I met were passionate, knowledgeable, polite and dare I say it sexy people. It was great to enthuse about beer with them. To anyone I didn’t manage to get to speak to in person or speak to long enough, please don’t think it is because I don’t love you.

Credit must go the organisers and backers  of the event (in particular Mark Dredge and Kristy McCready) which is a very big thing for beer. If I was them I would be proud and grinning smugly.


BeerReviewsAndy said...

Sounds like everyone is having a great time!! wish i could have made it, had to console my self with a few beers and cooking tea for the inlaws lol

Stuart Howe said...

Shame you couldn't Andy would have been great to see you. At least you had the consolation of a top night with the family!

Sam said...

Thanks for coming to present your beers Stuart. I had a great weekend and the dinner you hosted was one of the highlights.

Chris said...

Great event that really reinforced everything I think is good about beer in the UK right now. Much kudos to everyone involved in making it happen.

Stuart, in an effort to reassure you that beer bloggers are behind what you're doing, here's some nonsense I wrote pre-conference:

Sharp's Monsieur Rock and Match of the Day

I haven't deleted it in the aftermath of the weekend's events, so you must be doing something right...

Stuart Howe said...

Thank you very much Sam. If you're ever in Cornwall please pop by for a beer.

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