Friday 15 February 2013

The Last of the International Playboys

There is a competition that all serious brewers want to win. Craft fundamentalists will argue that the US World Beer Cup is the gold standard but the oldest and biggest brewing competition in the world is the International Brewing Awards. More breweries enter the IBA than any other awards. What makes the awards most important to me is that the judges are all trained tasters and most are technical or head brewers. Any brewer who is honest with him/herself will hold the opinion of his peers in the highest esteem.

Why am I talking about (building up) the IBA? Because today through disbelieving eyes I read that I (Sharp’s) have won two gold, one silver and a bronze medal! Quadrupel got Bronze in strong bottled ales, Special earned silver in the cask ales 4.9% - 6.7% ABV category, Cornish Coaster won gold in the cask ales 2.9 - 3.8% ABV category and my new Spiced Red won gold in the strong bottled ales category.

If someone had offered me a single medal earlier I would have ripped their hand off. Four medals including 2 golds is bloody staggering!

Taking on the best brewers on the planet and coming out with 2 golds a silver and a bronze is very close to the best feeling a brewer can get.

To see how the other brewers you know got on click here!


Ed said...


Stuart Howe said...

Thanks Ed,

Over the moon

stephanie said...

Very proud and happy for youxx

arn said...

Great news, all at Sharps deserve it.

Tandleman said...

Well done Stuart. A mighty haul indeed.

Stuart Howe said...

Thank you, you beautiful people!

BeerReviewsAndy said...

better late than never...Congratulations!

Roseline said...

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