Thursday 10 December 2009

Winter Berry Ale

I have just spent a very enjoyable day with the charming, interesting and debonair Adrian Tierney Jones making Sharp’s latest seasonal, Winter Berry Ale. Winter Berry Ale is so called because it’s matured with rose hip, hawthorn berries and sloes before racking. Adrian was treated to the full brewery experience. Lapsang in the lab, stories about the brewer’s I have maimed and a guided tour of the holes I have punched in my office wall.

The brew went very well and the wort tastes very promising. I had always presumed that beer writers would be strange creatures, Oscar Wilde-like bohemians, full of their own importance and deft prose. After spending the day with a few now I can honestly say they are just like you and I but just a little bit nicer!

I have promised to update Adrian on the progress of the brew. I’ll try to update my blog with the same.


Adrian Tierney-Jones said...

Hi Stuart
had a great day, can’t wait to try it, been called many things, but debonair is a first, will have to get a cravat now.

ZakAvery said...

Oi, Tierney, the cravat is my gig. But Stuart is right, debonair is the word. Dapper, even.

Adrian Tierney-Jones said...

as my 11-year-old lad would say, your use of the cravat is ‘legend’ pr ‘ledge’ even.
Not dapper though, sounds like northern slang for something odd.

Melissa Cole said...

Ah the love-in is touching boys, touch of bromance going on there?!

Beer sounds like it's going to be good, like the idea of rosehips, loads of vitamin C, good for fending off winter colds, well that'll be my excuse for drinking bucketloads of it!!

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