Tuesday 11 May 2010

52 Brews Roadshow Update

The Hof is down to a gravity of 1005 so will be close enough to 1000 when I have cut it (watered it down). I have a team of elite bottlers at my disposal so tomorrow will see the bottling of Chechen GIP, Hopfen, 50 Hop IPA version 1, Gruit Ale, and Citrus Tripel. I had a sneak preview taste of them all yesterday. All taste very good apart from the Gruit which tastes like Chicken Oxo mixed with maple syrup. The battle of the yeast has now turned into a 9 gallon cage fight as the warring factions are locked in a cask for a month. 8 yeast enter only one can leave!

To update you on the Tasting Beers Live 52 brew ‘Masterclass’, I now have a confirmed slot of 3:30PM 18th June only. http://www.tastingbeers.com/live/ This should give anyone coming along the chance to browse the other beers on offer in order to set their palate up.

There will be 24 free places available for the Masterclass and you will get a good-sized sample of each beer in a glass with plenty of head space.

Along with some of Sharp’s main brands, the line up will definitely feature
  • Chechen Grand Imperial Stout 
  • 50 Hop IPA 
  • Citrus Tripel 
  • Trappist IPA 
  • Shelfish Stout
  • And the star of the show Heston’s Offal Ale
I will be around before and after the event for social, intellectual and physical interaction.

Also appearing that afternoon will be chef/brewer/celebrity/writer/author/TV star/restaurateur/friend of Neil Morrissey, The Richard Fox, a very significant hero of mine.


@zatytom said...

I've booked my tickets for the good food live and the tasting beers live events but couldn't find anywhere to book for your 1530 masterclass, is it first-come-first-served on the day or is there a way to book tickets in advance?


Thomas McCarthy-Ward

BeerReviewsAndy said...

the 50 hop ipa sounds great but not sure about shelfish stout and hestons offal ale

Stuart Howe said...

Thomas hi, It's first come first seated but if we get more subscribers than are permitted I'll do another tasting after.

I'm sure you will love the Offal andy. Meay goodness!

BeerReviewsAndy said...

it just seems wrong...for some reason i imagine it like beer blended with pate

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