Wednesday 17 November 2010

Massive Ale dans la Poney Debonaire

I have just waved goodbye to a cask of 1 year old Massive Ale blended with an unnamed beer which was conditioned with a highly attenuatative wild yeast which I can’t afford to have completely identified (probably Saccharomyces diastitcus). The Massive is (in my blinkered opinion) good in bottle because of the high CO2 level which helps break up the thickness of its 10% ABV body. At cask CO2 levels it is too syrupy on its own so I have blended in some of the superattenuated beer to give a bit of cut to the Massive Ale’s thrust. The Massive is destined for the Old Ale Festival at White Horse, Parsons Green where it will rub shoulders with beers from some excellent breweries and Brewdog.

There may be a slight haze on the beer because the mystery wild yeast may not fine effectively. I wish I was lucky enough to be going to the event but I remain under Alfa Laval house arrest.

Finally whoever Telly Savalas is thank you and I’m sure the feeling is mutual.


arn said...

When blending what sort of volumes do you trial with and do you usually have a good idea which beer will work with the older one or is it a bit of trial and error?

Stuart Howe said...

I use a scientific pint glass Arn. When it tastes good in there I have found the correct ratio for the volumes in the cask.

ZakAvery said...

It seems that Dan is very generously throwing the doors of the White Horse open for a post-Guild-dinner breakfast - can you recommend a good breakfast food match for this beer?

Stuart Howe said...

I would go for a good quality black pudding Zak. The rich dark fruits in the Massive and enhanced warmth from the unnamed beer should work wonders. Aslo as with all my brews it's a blood, sweat and tears beer made by an artist on the edge of emotional oblivion. I'm sure black pudding in the sloaney pony will be free range, organic and made by a butcher with a stall at Borough Market called Giles.

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