Thursday 10 November 2011

Well there'll certainly be some car door slamming in the streets of Kensington tonight

Cornwall is a very lovely place. I am told the pace of life is slower but as mine is spent working I can’t really comment. The people are genuine, down to earth, never flash and always friendly. In summer Rock, home of the brewery, moves out of Cornwall in a spiritual sense and relocates in to the SW1 postcode. Herds of “Chaps” called Giles, Sebastian and Jonty appear in the middle of the road through the village wearing red trousers, pink crew tops with the collar starched up using something industrial and a canary yellow sweater thrown jauntily over the shoulders.

One summer Saturday in a very different time I was enjoying a sauna in the mash tun when a Giles peered in through the manway. He asked me when I could show him around. Giles must have walked past 5 no entry signs and vaulted a security fence to get the where he was standing. I told Giles that for his own safety he should leave the brewery immediately (using much more basic words). Rather predictably he replied “do you know who I am?” I thought to myself "you are the bloke who is about to get covered in soaking wet used malt if you don’t get out of the way" and began shovelling spent grains in his direction. After an “I say” I didn’t see Giles again.
A much lovelier SW postcode (in my humble opinion) is SW6, home of the White Horse or Sloany Pony. Since I have loved beer, the White Horse has been the THE place in London to get the very best. My mates all fondly tell stories about being dragged across London just because that tosser Stuart wanted a certain beer at the White Horse. These days of course the choice of excellent beer-themed pubs and bars is growing exponentially in the capital. I still think the Sloany Pony has something special about it. On 26th November I have the honour of not only three of my hand made creations appearing at their Old Ale Festival but also half an hour of meet the brewer time to talk to the drinkers about how they were prepared. My beers will be there all weekend, I will be appearing at 15:30. Details of what I am sending are provided below for your interest.    
   White Horse Old Ale Festival Beers

1 year old Black IPA ABV 7.4%

The story
Base beer brewed in November 2010 from pale ale malt roasted barley and maltose syrup. Late hopped with Chinook and Galena. Dry hopped with Citra in Feb 2011

The taste
Nose: Pungent tropical fruits (passion fruit, mango and lychee) with honey and candy floss
Mouth: Big bittersweet explosion with tropical fruits and grapefruit pith balanced by candy sweetness
Finish: Bittersweet symphony of honey, passion fruit and grapefruit zest

3 year old Massive Ale ABV 10%

The Story
Brewed in March 2008 from Pale ale, crystal, and chocolate matls, dark candi sugar, Northdown and Perle hops. Aged in barrel for over 3 years with Stryrian Goldings

The taste
Nose: Boozy mix of aged esters and higher alcohols with bready yeast notes and overripe fruit
Mouth: Initial sweetness swept away by strong alcoholic warmth, complex blend of fruits and age
Finish: Sweetness giving way to warmth and slight sharpness

4 year old Dry Hopped Barley Wine ABV 11%

The Story
Brewed in October 2007 from Pale and crystal malt and glucose with Brewer’s Gold and Goldings hops. Aged in barrel for 4 years with Bobek hops

The Taste
Nose: Melange of preserved fruits with strawberries, poached orange, mixed peel and sloes
Mouth: Full, slightly dusty syrupy malt, freshened by tart aged notes and powerful alcoholic heat
Finish: Surprisingly quick with some aged aldehyde and warming alcohol

I do hope very much to see you Giles, Sebastian and Jonty there!


Ed said...

Excellent, I'm planning to go there on the Sat afternoon.

Stuart Howe said...

I look forward to seeing you then Ed!

big col the brewer said...

still dont understand why portman group have come down hard on your massive ale?
Titanic sell a 7.8% beer called wreackage and I bet you can get wrecked on that? seems to be double standards
have a good time at the white horse great place

Zak Avery said...

Looks great, sorry to be missing it.

Stuart Howe said...

Thanks Big Col.

Sorry you can't come Zak. Will I be seeing you on the Thursday?

BeerReviewsAndy said...

gutted, would have loved to have been there!

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