Friday 23 December 2011

I used to love Christmas

That was before I became a Head Brewer. Now it is spelt S-T-R-E-S-S. The stress comes from having to brew and package more beer than your brewery should be able to make for a couple of weeks and hoping that demand will predictably fall once the resolution season kicks in. This year the Christmas “demand uplift” has been phenomenal. This week we have sold more than 973,000 pints and last week wasn’t far short of this. Fortunately I have a great team and the yeast and equipment have been the epitome of reliability. My brewery is so empty now even the echoes have echoes and it will be weeks until stocks are back up to less worrisome levels.
The tsunami of sales have also seen the last of the DW cross the shop counter and in the New Year Mr Wickett and myself will be presenting Cornwall Hospice Care with a Cheque for around £6500. Thanks to those who bought some and especial thanks to those who helped to produce and package the beer. You should feel proud.      
This is will be my last post this year and as well as my apologies for not completing the 12 brews I send my love for the depths of winter.
I leave you with the lines of the poem taken from the St Breward church sundial (pictured above).
Seize the Moments as they fly
Know to live and learn to die


MartinG said...

Have a great and relaxing Xmas and may 2012 be even more prosperous for both Sharps and yourself.

Stuart Howe said...

Thanks Martin and the same to you

ZealousEd said...

a sad day!

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