Tuesday 6 April 2010

Success is a Journey, not a Destination

My delight is beyond measurement. Zak Avery Beer Writer of the Year and all round solid geezer has written very positive review of another one of my 52 brews. I promise that Zak is not a relative of mine and that no money has changed hands! There is also a glowing appraisal of my physique. My diet and fitness book The Howe Plan is currently at the printers and will be available on a hook in all good brewery toilets very soon.

The gravity of the Shellfish Stout has shot down so that will be going into cooling tomorrow. A service on the brewery steam boiler on  Friday afternoon will provide me with the elite bottling team to package the 12% Red, the Dark Saison and the latest vintage (Jan 2009 brew) of Massive Ale.

Also I am making some significant progress on a new secret project ‘Project Pater’ which I hope to be able reveal shortly. I am not known for my excitability but ‘Project Pater’ has had me bouncing around like a spring lamb.

Speaking of lamb, Friday also brings the birth of Heston’s Offal Ale with chicken liver, pig's kidneys and lamb's heart. Boundaries of taste decency and brewing are there waiting to be broken.


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