Thursday 27 May 2010

Experimental E Tasting

Today Heston was bottled along with the bitterness festival which is Hardcore 50 Hop IPA (per)version 3.0. Everyone on the bottling team were prop forwards. This is entirely insignificant. Both have developed subtle nuiances and novel twists during their residence en caske. Heston in particular has metamorphosed from a sanguined ulgy duckling to a rich and rounded leather-clad water bird (from hell).

I have just heard that there is going to be an e-tasting of some of my experimental beers on the chat room of the Burgandian Bable Belt web site Those taking part will include luminaries such as Chirs Pollard, Jeff Evans and Des De Moor. It will be held on 3rd June at 8PM. I can’t think why for the life of me you would want to go to the chat room to torture yourself by watching other people enjoying (hopefully) beers, I’m just very pleased that it’s happening!

The beers that they are going to discuss are the Belgian-themed selection detailed below.

1. Sour Blonde Ale 7% ABV (3 years old)
2. Abbey Ale 7% ABV
3. “Dark Saison” ex blog 7.8% ABV
4. Sharp's St Enodoc Double 8.5% ABV
5. Wild Red Ale 8% ABV (2 years old but not wood-aged)
6. Sharp's Honey Spice Triple 9% ABV
7. 11% Amber
8. Massive Ale
9. “Trappist IPA” ex blog 10% ABV
10. Abbey Quadracept 12%


BeerReviewsAndy said...

nice one, will you remind me closer to the time and ill have a watch, think ive still got some of those beers so might even be able to join in, not that ill be able to add anything ...

Jamie said...

I want. I want.

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