Wednesday 19 May 2010

Here you go - It's the Next Imperial 22

Team hi and thank you for your customarily excellent suggestions. I have boiled them down and added to them with a few of my own. Without further ado or for that matter any level of ado (isn’t ado a stupid word?), here is the next 22. I hope you are as excited by them as me! Still not sure what will constitute Pong but I’m sure all will become clear.

1. Sea Water Imperial Mild

2. Kerry Katona’s Deep Frozen Black Forest Ale

3. Barley Tikka Vindaloo

4. Fungal Strong Ale (mushrooms, fungi and yeast)

5. World Cup 4:4:2 Ale (quadruple mash, quadruple boil, double fermentation)

6. Peppermint Imperial Stout

7. Snakebite and Black (pressed Cornish apples fermented with ale wort then used to macerate blackberries)

8. Umami Bomb

9. Westcountry White Ale

10. Jasmine and Lapsang blonde

11. Beer Fortified with Eau de Beer (beer fermented then half distilled and distillate added back to beer)

12. Stock Aerated Ale

13. Savoury Ale

14. Imperial Rauch Tripel

15. Yank Strong Golden

16. Pong

17. Pastis Ale

18. Peated Ale (100% Peat Malt)

19. Wormwood Hallucinogenic Bitter

20. Seaweed Wheat Wine

21. The world’s Stupidest Beer (a barrel of beer which will be subject to a range of irrelevant processes which will be claimed to somehow change how it tastes)

22. Balsamic Barley Wine vinegar (aerated and inoculated with acetic acid bacteria then oak aged with grape skins)


Sam said...

Of course you could have a real ale made from from whole corn on the cobs and fairies

Imp..Ear..real ale?


Taxi for Hill

BeerReviewsAndy said...

hahahaha nice one, you truely are as mad as a box of frogs.

Sam said...

Chuffed that you chose the Umami Bomb. could be very interesting....

How is Heston's Offal going?

ChrisM said...

Pong. Cookie will be pleased :-D

Mark said...

You are the Willy Wonka of brewing! Madness.

Looking forward to following your progress with them.


Crown Brewery said...

can't wait to read about them! Nice work!

ZakAvery said...

Looks imperially great.

Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

West Country White!

Good to see you have an eye to history.

Stuart Howe said...

Sam hi, Heston is in cask at the moment. I am bottling it next week with 50 HOP version 3 and battle of the yeasts.

Anonymous said...

Sea Water Imperial Mild - strangely, I'm just investigating Yarmouth Ale, which seems to have been a particularly salty sweet ale made in that East Anglian town but popular in working-class districts of London in the latter half of the 19th century.

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