Wednesday 2 June 2010

Brewhouse for Sale

I have a "top of the range" Moeschle 50 barrel brewhouse for sale. 1 very careful owner. It served me well from 2001 to 2008 and is capable for producing 75 barrel brews at 1040. It comprises a 35 tonne malt silo with malt handing system. A 2 tonne/hour Alan Ruddock mill and covneyors, a 2 tonne max charge mash tun. A 60 barrel working capacity barrel combined copper and hop back and hot and cold liquor tanks along with all pumps heat exchanger oxygenation etc etc. All tanks are fully clad 304 stainless. The kettle and HLT are steam jacketed. As part of the package you get me for the day to help commission the kit.

If you are interested please contact ABUK

The image above is for promotional purposes only and differs from the actual brewhouse.


Crown Brewery said...

you for the day, now there's a reason to buy it!

MicMac said...

Hi Stu,
is it this the one?
(currently brewing on 1/5th size Möschle kit)

Stuart Howe said...

That's the one Michael. A lovely example as they say on Antiques roadshow!

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