Monday 21 June 2010

Road Show Report

Maybe it's because I'm only starting
That I think it won't take too long
Maybe it's because I can see you laughing
That I think you've got it wrong

The roadshow is over, lives have been changed and people have been touched by the phenomenon of the 52 brews. The crowd were on the most part receptive to the ideas of the 52 brews but I fear that some of the challenging flavours were a step too far for some of their palates. What was good is that everyone had a different favourite. A couple loved Heston.

I did have 12 bottles of each of the beers left after the tasting but these have disappeared. A Crimewatch reconstruction and a UK-wide manhunt has revealed that the beers are in the possession of one Phil “light fingers” Lowry. Apparently he is distributing them to prominent members of the beer community. If you know Phil you should contact him.


BeerReviewsAndy said...

Id have said they are in safer hands with Phil than they are with Stu "butterfingers" ross ;oP

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