Thursday 17 February 2011

Radical and hardcore are just words

The date: 25th February

The place: Brew Warf

The Hops:

1 Sovereign

2 Challenger

3 Northdown

4 Goldings

5 Pilgrim

6 Fuggles

7 Boadicea

8 Progress

9 Pilot

10 Pioneer

11 Phoenix

12 Target

13 Bramling Cross

14 Admiral

15 Beata

16 First Gold

17 Saaz

18 Bobek

19 Atlas

20 Aurora

21 Lubelski

22 Marynka

23 Celeia

24 Savinjski Golding

25 Saphir

26 Tradition

27 Mittlefruh

28 Magnum

29 Spalt

30 Tettnang

31 Northern Brewer

32 Hersbrucker

33 Perle

34 Herkules

35 Brewers Gold

36 Mount Hood

37 Cascade

38 Amarillo

39 Willamette

40 Centennial

41 Galena

42 Santiam

43 Sterling

44 Ahtanum

45 Simcoe

46 Citra

47 Warrior

48 Cluster

49 Palisade

50 Crystal

51 Vanguard

52 Apollo

53 Chinook

54 Sorachi

55 Nugget

56 US Northern Brewer

57 Summit

58 Bravo

59 El Dorado

60 Sonnet

61 Columbus

62 Delta


Mark N said...


62 BHP ?? an indication of power but I'm sure something better can be made of the acronym. Big Hop Presence...

Stuart Howe said...

I like it Mark!

Stuart Ross said...


BeerReviewsAndy said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW put me down for a bottle and ill swap you for some northern beers

Adrian Tierney-Jones said...

got any malt going in…

Flagon of Ale said...

This is great. You should send a bottle to Dogfish Head and tell them they can stop trying. Can't wait to hear what the name will be.

Fishter said...

Malted hops. Is that even possible from a bine?

Ed said...
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Stuart Howe said...

Thanks for the wows gents.

There will be some malt (pale, crystal and roasted OG 1065) Adrian and we are resisting the temptation to mash some hops.

The only part of a hop you could malt is the seeds Fishter and the result would be pointless and probably on fire.

Tim said...

What no Motueka? :-)

Matthew Clark said...

Balance is also a word.

Stuart Howe said...

There is hope yet Tim. I've got a couple of other potential new varieties that I am looking at to try to get to 65.

For this brew Mr Balance has been given a holiday Lupe.

ZakAvery said...


Ménage á Soixante-(number) would be fun.

Unknown said...



Can you put some to one side till the 26th, when I'm back from Ghent?

Stuart Howe said...

69 varieties may now be a realistic target Zak so the scope for innuendo could be immense.

Pete hi, You don't need to rush back (you lucky so and so) the beer will not be ready for sale for a few weeks. The brew is Friday and 20 of the varieties are going into the CT dry. We'll opt to rack when the flavour is optimum. I would guess mid to late March.

Anonymous said...

yes. crazy.

Adrian Tierney-Jones said...

69 — trust you…

Stuart Howe said...

You are welcome to join us if you are in the area Adrian. For the brewing rather than anything man-love related that is.

Anonymous said...

guess what?

Howe made it to 69 hops. who'dathunkit... ;-)

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