Wednesday 8 June 2011

It's Show Time

Every June the area around my house is transformed from pastoral calm to gridlocked mayhem. Not as a result of an influx of tourists but by a procession of country folk attending the Royal Cornwall Show. Like Royal Berkshire I am not quite sure why the Cornwall show is especially regal. It just is. As certain as the sun rising, mid June sees a flurry of holiday requests and a string of life threatening illnesses amongst my team which mean they are unable to work. One year I saw one of the brewers who informed me of impending paralysis and  coma on the phone at 6:30AM propping up the bar in the beer tent at 2:30PM. Perhaps with such healing powers it should be called the Holy Cornwall Show?
I am afraid that as a townie much of the show activity is lost on me. Although I do remember being fascinated by the level of cleanliness achieved in the perianal area of a cow in 2006. I shall be there on Saturday this year checking that the beer being sold in the Sharp’s bar is up to standard. After a week of antibiotic-derived abstinence I anticipate my sensory analysis will need to be quite exhaustive.

I have just heard from the living legend that is Jasper at Camden Brewery that our blend is to be unleashed on the public. He has confirmed that it will be available at the following top line establishments at some point in the very near future: The Horseshoe, Southampton Arms, Jolly Butcher and Euston Tap. I was honoured to learn that it is to be called Camden Howe. I hope you manage to get your hands on some.


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