Sunday 26 June 2011

Taste me you will see - More is all you need

I heard on Wednesday that I achieved a merit in this year’s Master’s degree so I am quite pleased. A distinction would have been nice but I have the excuse that my job is quite demanding at times (when there is a y in the day that is).

Friday was a fun non-brewery day with a few hours spent at Ringwood, a brewery which puts most other 50k barrel per year breweries to shame. For that matter in terms of engineering it casts a pretty significant shadow over my 110k barrel per year brewery. After spending an hour or so sightseeing in Bath (from a near stationary car in a traffic queue) I arrived at the venue for the BFBI banquet. It was a good night and I met some lovely people and caught up with some old friends. As I always say after these events, I am sorry for anything I did or said which was obnoxious. I’m sure I didn’t but the mind plays tricks when one gets tired and emotional. It was a privilege to hear a speech by Gordon Banks. The 1966 world cup was nearly a decade before I was conceived and football is an ugly game played by ladyboys but hearing Gordon’s recollections took you to the changing rooms and for a few drunken minutes you could feel just what it meant.

After a rather unpleasant journey back from Bristol I returned to the brewery to find Ian Scott, the Chairman of the of the BFBI and host of last night’s Banquet on his hands and knees picking swarf out of the vacuum relief valve of FV23. How’s that for customer service!

Beer is finally in FV24 and FV 25 will be filled tomorrow.


Leigh said...

congrats on the masters, mate.

BeerReviewsAndy said...

congrats! you clever barsteward!!

Stuart Howe said...

Thank you gentlemen, I couldn't have done it without you!

MartinG said...

Well done with the Masters but got to take issue with the comments about football.

Association Football is indeed "the" beautiful game when played in the right way. Even old Sunday league hackers like myself used to find expresion by providing the perfectly weighted through ball or timing a run to perfectly beat the offside trap.

I would never have dared call any of the lags I played with "Ladyboys". No nonsense, ask no quarter, give no quarter would probably describe my Sunday side best.

Sadly I have to agree about modern profesionals most of whom wouldn't have been fit enough to tie the laces of my all time hero Billy Bonds.

Stuart Howe said...

Thank you Martin. Perhaps a beautiful game made ugly by money? You always get the same argument between football players and rugby players. Rugby players call footballers “ladyboys” because they wear silky shorts, writhe around like hooked salmon when brushed against and kiss each other as congratulations after a goal. Football players question rugby player’s masculinity because the game involves the requirement for close physical contact and drinking port from your teammate’s boot.

MartinG said...

Know what you mean. I despise the overpaid prima-donnas and don't get me started on the bunch of useless and corrupt c**ts that run the game from the regional FA's up through EUFA and beyond to FIFA.

I still watch the game but my pleasure is in playing it really.

I've been lucky enough to play Rugby when my local team is short of players and I love that too along with the greasy fry up and the copious amounts of beer afterwards. Oh yes, yum yum.

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