Friday, 5 August 2011

Greatness in all its Glory

Instead of trying to accurately describe a day at the GBBF, I thought it easier to list the people I can remember meeting. The GBBF is not only the best place in the UK to sample great beer it is also a collection of the loveliest people in the UK. After meeting the following perhaps it was no surprise that I fell asleep on the 18:06 from Paddington and nearly missed my stop. It was great to see you and we must do it all again next year!  

Simon Loveless (Princetown)
Mark Dredge
Darren Norbury
Kristy McCready
Paul Corbett
James Clarke (Hook Norton)
Sue Novak
Fran Novak
Martin Cullimore (Batemans)
Peter Robson (Muntons)
Andy Mogg
John Palfrey
Peter Simpson
Angelo (Brew Warf)
Richard Simpson
Flo Vialan (Purity)
Paul Halsey (Purity)
Roger Ryman (St Austell)
Tim Webb
Bill Dobson (Brains)
Pete Brown
Melissa Cole
Zak Avery
Peter Ells (Tim Taylor)
Andy Leman (Tim Taylor)
Hardnott Dave
Mrs Hardnott Dave
Kevin Mitchell (Murphy’s)
Chris Kay (Bristol Beer Factory)
“Mr Drink and Eat”
The Beer Monkey
Mark Tetlow (Everards)
Steven Crawley (Calendonian)
Armin Palmer
David Nijs (Marstons)
Rhys Laurence
Stefano Cossi and Mrs (Thornbridge)
Matt Brophy (Flying Dog)
Glyn Roberts
Michelle Perret
Adrian Tierney-Jones
Adrian Redgrove (Castle Rock)
Steve from (Marstons)
Richard Knight
Chris Hearn (Loddon)
Nigel Stevenson (James Clay)
Mark Slater (St Peter’s)
Fergus Fitzgerald (Adnams)
Krijn Kraak


Zak Avery said...

Great to see you too - and you're right, that mix of people is unique.

BeerReviewsAndy said...

WOW that's hell of a mix, I wish I'd met some of those...the whole day was a massive blur...that will serve me right for starting the day with stupid strong IPA's full of chilli...

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