Friday 30 April 2010

It's a Gay May Day

Brewers don’t do bank holidays (busy ones at least). Yeast doesn’t look at the calendar and stop fermenting and bateria never take a day off. Also due to the fact that everyone else is drinking the weekend away because there’s no work on Monday there is generally a bit of brewing to re-stock going on. We hit our latest record this week with sales of 1800 brewer’s barrels (520,000 pints) for the week. As a result we are refilling vessels as fast as we can to prevent a stock out.

Being a bank Holiday this of course means that there will be beer festivals. I’ve done an extra special beer for a couple of the local ones, a cask version of St Enodoc Double. At 8.5% I was concerned that with the lower carbonation of cask ale it would be a little cloying but it came out very well and worryingly drinkable! St Enodoc Double cask will be available at and If you get to try some please let me know what you think.

The village of Padstow, which I can see out of the lab window will be crammed with merry makers playing with their Oss. I am pleased that this has fallen on a weekend because when it's on a week day it means that we lose half the brewing team to “stomach bugs” the next day. If you go, don’t miss the excellent Cornish Coaster in the “Rusty Donkey". If you don’t know the way ask a local.


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