Thursday 1 April 2010

Nothing says I love you like low colour caramalt

It seems that Simpson’s “The Home of Good Malt” do in fact love me after all. With our latest delivery of crystal and roasted I received a range of 10 or so special malts from Wheat through to 1300 colour roasted barley. This is just in time for my Shellfish Stout which will be brewed tomorrow.

More excitingly I have been sent a newly-developed, never previously brewed with, low colour, high moisture caramalt. Simpson’s have asked me to brew with it and feedback on how it fares. The low colour cara has a really good sweet/sourness when chewed but without the caramelised or burnt notes of standard caramalt. It should give body and depth to pale beers without adding colour or darker malt aromas. I am going to be doing a small brew with this and my new Slovenian hops to make a beer which will be very novel!

My Gruit ale, which smells like Paxo stuffing and washing up liquid, my citrus tripel and the dangerously unbalanced session IPA (DUSI) are all to be racked off into casks today. It looks like I have succeeded in attaining the dryness on the DUSI as the gravity is now less than 0. To say that it’s very hoppy is an understatement, sniffing the FV makes you sneeze!


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