Saturday 2 October 2010

Ett besök från Doug and Wynne Odell

Today I met the Odells. The word nice is much overused and devalued but I can’t think of a better adjective to describe them. Maybe polite, respectful and charming. They were treated to Cardamom Wheat, 50 Hop IPA, 25 Grain Chechen Imperial Stout and DW. They seemed to approve, especially of DW. I wish they could have stayed for longer and wish that I could have kept my gob shut and asked more questions about Chateau Odell. Most of all I wish I had reined in my oft mistaken acerbic irony. Last night I had the pleasure of a bottle of their Isolation Ale and 5 Barrel Pale. Both were well brewed, enjoyable and very easy to drink. Tonight I am dividing my attention between a bottle of St Roger of Ryman’s Smugglers and a Wallander which I have not previously seen on BBCFOUR (RIP Joanna Sallstrom). It's life on the edge but that's just the way I roll. 

Tomorrow I will be polishing everything in the brewery which stays still for long enough ahead of the arrival of Monsieur Rock on Monday. It's a bit of luck that Wes isn't working this weekend!


arn said...

Currently working my way through the Wallander books, but didn't know anything about Joanna Sallstrom until your post piqued my interest to google her. very sad indeed.

Stuart Howe said...

A tragic loss to the world Arn.

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