Sunday 30 January 2011

The HAND of happiness

Something magical happened yesterday.

When I first started brewing, beer was considered by most people in the UK to be a simple thing to be drunk in volume. People’s interest began and ended with how easily it got you pissed. If you showed it excessive reverence you were a trainspotting paedophile with no friends. Yesterday I spoke to around 40 people about my beers. These people listened, enjoyed the beer and asked intelligent questions. Most of these people were young, beautiful and as far from a trainspotting paedophile as you can get. I had read that beer is becoming fashionable but was sceptical, yesterday I saw the evidence. The beer went very well, everyone had a different favourite and we raised £90 for Cornwall Hospice Care with the DW we sampled.

Pete, the man behind HAND is a complete diamond. Every town needs a Pete.


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