Friday 8 April 2011

85% Joy

85% as a number doesn’t sound overly impressive. An 85% chance of survival is not good news and getting 85% of the wages you have earned is downright toilet. 85% isn’t 100% or even 90% but in terms of flavour panel scores it is close to the Holy Grail. This week was an 85% week, the first since the panel first sat. The fact that we got it this week when we are brewing 680,000 pints a week with our backs to wall in terms of staff levels and capacity puts it in my opinion next to splitting the atom and putting a man on the moon. To use more percentages, life as a Head Brewer is 10% about making great beer and 90% about the distractions, obstacles and challenges which stand in the way of that goal. 85% from the flavour panel make that 90% seem insignificant.

I love beer and today I love my team!


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Triple thumbs up!

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