Friday 13 May 2011

Rollmops is a Dish Best Served Cold

Today as you will have had pointed out to you by the boring bloke at work is Friday 13th. I am also wearing one of my lucky socks inside out. Nothing has fallen on me yet and no men in hockey masks have forced me to drink a pint of Magners at gunpoint (I’d rather take the bullet). I seem to have gotten away with it, although I did get a visit from Andy Hepworth. I love you really Andy!

Today also concludes a working week which has seen bold steps forward. I now have a second brewer on the way. Alex Bell (not pictured above) formerly of O’Hanlon’s is joining the fray at Sharp’s in June. I’m sure you will have tried some of Alex’s splendid work in the past and are as excited as I about what he can contribute to Sharp’s. Without wanting to disrespect his previous role I would venture that Sharp’s represents a significant step up in terms of intensity and challenge, certainly in terms of scale. I’m sure that Alex is up to the task. I also have some qualified help on its way from Burton. Adam Gibney is an American Heriot-Watt Masters graduate on an internship with Molson-Coors and has been given the challenge of coming to Cornwall and helping me with the task of harmonising Sharp’s FEMAS, HACCP and EH&S and QMS standards with those of our bigger brother.

Next Friday I am back up in London. I was delighted to be asked to attend the Blogger’s conference next Friday and even more delighted that my beers are being served with the dinner. Rather appropriately two are beers born of the 52 brews blog project.

Aperitif: Monsieur Rock

Starter: Chalky’s Bite

Main: DW

Dessert: 52 brew No. 21: Gorse Strong Ale

Also available will be Single Brew Reserve 2010 and an obscure brand called Doom Bar, you may have heard of it. I will be around to talk about my beers, engage in banter and express my love for all beer bloggers. You will be relieved to hear that my offer of DJ Stuart’s Gabber Overdose mobile disco for the after dinner “party” was not taken up by the organisers. What a party of beer bloggers will look like after the Turbo Yeast Utter Abhorrence from Beyond the Ninth Level of Hades III has wreaked its havoc is not something I want to visualise. I hope they have a mop and bucket.


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