Friday, 14 June 2013


Some very exciting news about Doom Bar was confirmed today. I can't reveal what this news is but I'm sure it will be in the public domain soon.

To all those who applied for the job detailed in the post below thank you very much. I am getting around to around to replying to each applicant in turn but there are lot of you and life as always is busy as can be.

I wish you all a beautiful weekend and don't forget that most important thing you do today will be to drink a beer.


Ed said...

Blimey, very impressive how well it's done. Has the meteoric rise increased since the takeover or merely continued as before?

Stuart Howe said...

Thanks Ed, The chart postition has moved from 7 up to 1 in the since takeover. Growth was highest in 2010 just before acquisition. Sales have grown by 20-40% every year since 2002. Quality, consistency, subtlety and balance seem to be what people want. Obviously they are foolish sheep blind to the beauty of commercial homebrew.

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