Sunday 21 February 2010

Everyday is like Sunday

Another Sunday brings another day in the brewery with a mild headache. I was prevented from going to the CAMRA Kernow Bodmin Beer Festival by yeast work and a prior commitment. I was however genersously kept up to speed by freinds attending the event. I was delighted to hear that Winter Berry was the second beer to go, being sold out by 4PM very closely followed by Chestnut Porter at 4:30.

I was particularly pleased with Winter Berry's perfomamce given that it is a modest 4.3%ABV and the heavyweight beers tend to be cleared out early on. I'm not sure if they have a beer of the festival award at Bodmin. In any case, significant prizes at CAMRA Kernow events are reserved for beers brewed within the TR1 Postcode so if my beer was to prevail it would only be due to clerical error.

My drinkability test of the 6 Hop IPA was a great success. I managed to consume the majority of the minikeg with no loss of enthusiasm and enjoyment. It also went beautifully with a very well-cooked wild seabass.

Anyway, I'm off to write a yeast plan and get an effluent sample. What better way to realx on a Sunday?


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