Tuesday 16 February 2010

Record Breakers

The title of world's strongest beer is once again back in the UK. I am overwhelmed with excitement about this. Making beer with a high concentration of a constitiuent chemical is why I think every brewer first took up the mashing fork. It's something we all strive for and to acheive the highest concentration of ethanol in a beer by freezing it inside a chemical drum in a Scottish ice cream factory and removing the ice is sheer unadulterated genius.

Techical brilliance like this will no doubt win the respect and priase of all brewers. It is a phenomenally important achievement. Similarly Michellin-starred chefs across the globe will look in envy at the producers of the soup with the highest concentration of salt and makers of the potatoiest bubble and squeak.

I'm off to grow 8 foot long fingernails........


Whorst said...

Yes, it's bullshit.

Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

Apart from the obvious stupidity of just trying to brew a beer as strong as you can the moment you use distillation why not class a cask strength single malt as the worlds strongest beer.

I dont think Brewdog brew particulary good beer. I can see how thier muscular marketing has made waves but really is it not just a homage to Stone? Having recently tasted the Thornbridge beers its tempting to compare the beers and the Thornbridge beers have alot more depth and a much better feel for ballance while still being characterfull and original Sometimes it seems like Brewdog brew hard somewhat uncouth beers to fit the marketing.

Stuart Howe said...

This wasn't so much a direct critique of Brewdog more an expression of disbelief that this could be newsworthy.

I have enjoyed a couple of Brewdog beers but think that on the whole the Thornbridge beers are better concieved and executed. What I object to is the claim that what brewdog are doing is new and is treading a new and innovative path in brewing, upsetting the staus quo, changing the the course of brewing history. Making US style beers in the UK isn't innovation.

You have got to hand it to Brewdog for attaining so much exposure. Especially when you consdier that they are producing in a year what a regional brewery makes in a week.

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