Thursday 18 February 2010

52 Brew First Ever Tasting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fantastic people at the White Horse, Parson’s Green, SW6 have agreed to let me showcase my first few brews on Friday 26th February. On show will be:

1. Trappsit IPA
2. ESB Barley Wine
3. Strong Winter Berry
4. A young Chilli Double IPA
5. Turbo Yeast Abomination from hell (Maybe)
6. 2009 St Enodoc Double
7. 2009 Single Brew Reserve

More fun than a millenium barn dance at Yeovil Aerodrome hosted by Jet from Gladiators. Must not, repeat must not turn into an all-night rave.
This is a completely free event. All you have to do is turn up at the White horse at 6PM on Friday 26th Feb. Can you please leave a comment if you are interested?

Hope to see you there!


Sam said...

I'll be there! And I will bring a couple of people. Can't wait!

Mark said...

I would definetly come but 6pm is a bit early to get there from work. What happens if people get there a tiny bit late?

Stuart Howe said...

Great news Sam. I'll see you there.

Chunk hi, The tasting is an informal affair but I don't want to impose on the good people at the SP for too long. I won't be in any hurry to get out of the pub after the tasting as I don't get out much, especially not in boozers with such fantastic ranges of beer. If I'm still there when you arrive I'm sure we can sort something out if there is any beer left.

helen harmes said...

I want to come !!??

Jamie said...

Sounds bloody fantastic, even sans Jet. Gonna head over methinks!

Stuart Howe said...

Good to hear. See you there!

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