Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Kommen sie bitte und look at my new FVs

My new FVs are being loaded today for delivery on Monday. Here’s one in all its shimmering beauty. I have pasted a life-size German onto the image so that you get an idea of the scale of the vessel. 38,000 litre Cornish square (rectangular) open fermenters made in Germany. It simply doesn’t get any hotter than that.


Barry M said...

I'm going to correct you. That's a life-size Bavarian. Quite different from the common-or-garden German, which is a shame really, as I've love an excuse to wear lederhosen, but I moved to the wrong part of Germany :D

But my! Isn't it big! (your FVs!)

Stuart Howe said...

Thank you Barry,

I stand corrected (said the man in the orthopedic shoes). No offence to your current neighbours intended. I'll leave that to B*ewdog:-)

It may be big but it and its twin sister will be filled with beer(wort)within an hour of hitting the FV room floor. We are so full at the moment I'm considering sending out barrels of wort and bag of yeast!

Barry M said...

On the contrary, I think an increase in lederhosen and dirndl-wearing could only improve the city I live in! :D

Actually, I've seen quite a few square, open fermenters in brewpubs around here. Small fry compared to that behemoth though. Someday, I hope to own one :)

Stuart Howe said...

Square FVs, great for sublte clean flavours but a pain in the a4se for everything else!

Someday soon I hope.

Crown Brewery said...

oh thats pure filth, by the way i know where your old ones went a few years back

Stuart Howe said...

We had 12x10 barrel FVs and 2x20 barrels. Are you currently enjoying some of them Stu? They were sound tanks if a little noisy to clean out. If they came from ABUK make sure you get them checked out, they might be a 'cut and shunt'. (only joking Peter!)

Crown Brewery said...

I bought the two 20's for Kelham Island right before I left. end of 2007 it was. good tanks! we where lucky to find them really I think they went through the door with 10mm to spare both ways.
They are still there working hard.

Stuart Howe said...

Good Man!

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