Monday, 1 March 2010

Throbbing Hop Excitement

I walked into my office this morning to find the most exciting parcel ever to grace its floor. It contains bags of 21 different varieties of hops. This has been kindly sent down by Charles Faram Hops (thank you Paul). The bags are batch samples so are all of awesome quality. I'm going to use them in my 50 hop IPA and the stand-out hops in single varieity hop brews yet to be decided.

I had to get my second brewer to lock them away as I was spending far too long stroking them and making noises normally associated with nuisance phone calls.

Think I might go and ask him for the key...


Leigh said...

oh. Yeah.

Anonymous said...

Wow. How did you wangle that? I want!

Stuart Howe said...

I like to think that they gave them to me becuase I'm a nice guy who they admire and resepct although I suspect the fact that I spend £200k per year with them may be closer to the truth.

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