Friday 2 April 2010

Boat Race Excitement

The brewery offices are like the Marie Celeste this morning. Most of the sales staff and the Directors are up in London setting the bars for the Boat Race. Doom Bar is the official beer of the Boat Race so every opportunity to sell and promote is taken. Last year we sold nearly 10,000 pints on the route. We have taken more this year so we don't run out. 

Cambridge did send me a rowing kit in the hope that I would turn out for them but alas as always brewing comes first.

The best of Cornish luck to all involved!

Oh and here's a picture of some tw4t in a romper suit.


The Puffin said...

Where's your pale blue wellies?

Stuart Howe said...

Jim from JOG safety is polishing them for me as we speak. Alan is helping. Don't ask......

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