Monday 13 December 2010

The Imperial Climax

Many thanks for the suggestions. The temptation to create roadkill porter was agonising to resist. Who knows what will happen if I encounter an appetising flat pheasant or eviscerated badger on the way in, in the next few days.

So here we have the flourish leading to the climax of my brewing journey from the sublime to the imperial.

47. Imperial Dampfrauchbier (Smoked malt wort fermented with wit yeast)

48. Imperial Hoisin Dessert Ale (Imperial Barley wine used to macerate plums with chef’s special spice blend)

49. Imperial Dirty Bloody Mary (Imperial Tomato, sweet potato and carrot ale)

50. Imperial Sage and Onion Saison (dry Belgian style ale with sage and onion added to the boil)

51. Imperial Noma Beer (Imperial red ale with novel ingredients foraged from within half mile of brewery)

52. Imperial Black Golden Mild Pilsner (An imperial black beer without any discernable roast character)


Ed said...

Aren't Imperial Black Golden Mild Pilsners a bit passé? Surely a Double Imperial Black Golden Mild Pilsner would be more innovative, cutting edge and awesome? ;-)

Stuart Howe said...

Perhaps if it was oak-aged Ed yes.

Ghost Drinker said...

It all sounds a bit like a recipe for a great stew. It will be interesting to drink something black golden, and i'm not talking about copper dragon black gold.

ZakAvery said...

I'm quaking at the imperious nature of all of this.

Rob Sterowski said...

You are truly pushing the boundaries of awesome craft beer! Only in America is this possible! If you were British you wouldn't dare do anything like this!

Stuart Howe said...

Everyone is imperial in their own way Zak.

ChrisM said...

Well I'm disappointed you're not brewing with roadkill, but then again I'm glad I'll not have to taste it!!

The Dampfrauchbier sounds like it might actually make a decent drop, though.

ChrisM said...

52 brews will never be the same. It was edgy, fun, niche, and frankly just plain silly. But that's all changed, as the publicity machine has been out in full force for Christmas and gained a mention on Head to Headlines on Chris Evans' Breakfast Show on Radio 2 this morning. Now as we all know, anything that's publicised to the mass market which used to be purely for the select few who could stomach it, automatically becomes bland and mainstream, and brewing tends to relocate to Bury St Edmunds. Farewell, friend.


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