Wednesday 24 March 2010

Off the Scale Hop-Based Excitment

My second box of green sensuality has arrived from the patron saint of hops, St Paul of Corbett at Faram hops. This time the varieties are even more exciting and I now have enough for the 50hop IPA. Words cannot convey the level of excitement in the office at present. My hands are greener than Maid Marion’s undergarments. It’s a shame that Simpson’s Malt don’t love me as much as Faram hops or I’d have some inspiring crushed grains to enjoy as well (have a word Richard!)

My 52 brew hop stock is now:

1. Sorachi Ace

2. Liberty

3. Galena

4. Chinook

5. Palisade

6. Summit

7. Ahtanum

8. Apollo

9. Goldings

10. Simcoe

11. Sovereign

12. Crystal

13. Atlas

14. Junga

15. Marynka

16. Lubelski

17. Sybilla

18. Mittlefruh

19. WGV

20. Beata

21. Admiral

22. Phoenix

23. Pilot

24. Fuggles

25. Cascade

26. Brewers Gold

27. Boadicea

28. Centennial

29. Challenger

30. Willamette

31. Mount Hood

32. Hersbrucker

33. First Gold

34. Bramling Cross

35. Northdown

36. Target

37. Sonnet

38. Herkules

39. Magnum

40. Celeia

41. Cluster

42. Progress

43. Chinook

44. Pioneer

45. Bobek

46. Tryal

47. Northern Brewer

48. Perle

49. Eden

50. Nugget



Mark Dredge said...

Can't you find two more varieties to make it a 52 Hop IPA to go with the 52 beers?!

Will they be added alphabetically? In reverse order?!

Richard E. Simpson said...

the wheels have been put in motion here at the Home of Good Malt...!

thyme said...

That's a hell of a list - is it cheating putting in 2 chinooks? Some great names, many I've never heard of; especially like the sound of phoenix liberty and boadicea :)

Mark said...

Wow! I'd love to try this beer. How much of each do you plan on adding?


Stuart Howe said...

I am tempted Mark depends if I can get my hands on any more in the next couple of weeks. I'll rather boringly add the the bittering hops early on then the aroma hops at the end. I could I suppose use a alphabetic system to determin the order of those. I'm sure that you be able to taste the alphabetic nuiances in the finished brew!

Stuart Howe said...

Conratulations Thyme on spotting my deliberate Chinook mistake I owe you one for that! For Chinook2 please read Eroica.

Stuart Howe said...

Quantities will again be determined by aplha and oil levels Chunk. For some like the dangerously high alpha Apollo (19%) I can't add any more than a couple of good sized cones per 60 litre batch or the stuff will taste like strong bile.

Melissa Cole said...

I had to read Eroica twice!

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