Friday 18 March 2011

It's Hoppy and it's Out There


12 Brew number two, the 69 hop beer was unleashed on the public last night at Brew Warf. I am not sure if the rumours that it is called 69 Hop Oral Stimulation are true. I have just heard from Steve Skinner that it is superb “Creamy, nice body, hoppy but not over the top”. If I wasn’t spending my weekend doing what Alfa Laval, the commercial embodiment of Satan should have done for me along with trying to get the next batch of Altantic IPA ready for Monday, I would be in Brew Warf nervously sampling a pint or two. If you do try some please let me know what you think.

As those of you in possession of a calendar or similar digital device would know we are approaching the end of March. Yesterday I finalised the details of my March brew with Stuart Thomson Head Brewer, Head of Sales, CEO and Managing Director of the Atlantic Brewery in Newquay. I am going along next Friday and we are brewing an 8ish %ABV organic vegan blonde ale with organic vegan citrus peel.

The Atlantic Brewery is a wonderfully idiosyncratic brewery producing sustainable, vegan, organic beers in the middle of nowhere. I have been supplying Stuart with his yeast for a few years. I shall provide more information on the brewery and the brew in a subsequent post.

I had some feedback from Keith from Otter on 12 Brew number one, our Pilgrim Barley wine yesterday. Keith’s scale of measurement for beer quality is a simple one. He has two terms, crap and all-right. Crap is beer which is undrinkable or lacking in substance. All-right describes everything from acceptability to perfection. To my amazement Keith has broken with tradition and rated our effort as “nice”. My flavour panel will meet the Pilgrim at their tasting this afternoon. We shall see if they are equally moved.

Finally I would like to send my love and consolation to the team from Beer Ritz and Beer Paradise. True strength is forged on the anvil of adversity.


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