Friday 11 March 2011

To Win a Pilgrim

The Howe vs Bennett, Pilgrim Barley Wine is ready. A cask has gone to Keith at Otter and the rest is in our cold store. As a bit of fun I have decided to run a competition for a minikeg. I am looking for the stupidest thing anyone has ever said to you about beer. Just leave your beer stupidity as a comment below. You need not name names. The minikeg needs to be consumed soon so the competition will run until Wednesday. I will get the beer to the competition winner by Friday (terms and conditions apply).

As encouragement to enter I would add that it is a good beer. The ABV is 9.4% and the flavour is a classic barley wine with an added edge provided by a massive amount of dry hops.

Anyone who can get me a qualified second brewer will win a lifetime's supply of any beer.


Ghost Drinker said...

After looking at our US selection: "Are all these IPA's actually from India?"

Topping66 said...

It all tastes like soap!


Ghost Drinker said...

Another fantastic one: "You know this Budvar? Does it taste as good as regular Budweiser?"

Ghost Drinker said...

Last one: "Carlsberg is an English beer you idiot"

Barry M said...

"German beer is the best in the world"... or variants thereof, both with and without expletives.

And said to me me once, really, "English beer is made with fish tails". I didn't correct him and say it's generally made with guts actually ;)

Andy Smith said...

Working behind a puopular beer bar in london i used to get all kind of complaints and funny questions. This lambic beers gone off and that sort of thing..

The dumbest by far and away though was the middle aged gentleman who brought his pint of carling back to the bar. The problem he had with it still makes me chuckle to this day.

"This carling doesnt taste of anything"


Stuart Howe said...

Enjoying the stupidity, thank you.

Love the one about the Budvar. The idea that the Czech Bud with its hop notes and sumptuous malt body can compete with the cool, clean taste of rice and Welsh deaerated liquor in 'US' BUD is crazy. As for the (naughty) Carling complaint, I assume the complainant was a Martian?

Scott Murray said...

Me: Hi mate what do you want to drink
Friend: What are you drinking?
Me: Jaipur, you want one?
Friend: Nah mate, i don't like them foreign beers, sounds a little weird, get me a fosters.
Me: Right....

I could understand were he's coming from but we both live in bakewell haha.

BeerReviewsAndy said...

i dont drink beer, it's too strong....while holding a glass of 14% red wine.

or at a recent meet the brewer evening

I can't believe he (the brewer) drinks other people's beer, thats like owning a ford garage and driving a mercedes

Unknown said...

"So is it just drinking Stout that gives you a beer belly?"

Mark N said...

"How on earth are you going to drink all that?"

Amazingly this statement came from the head brewer at Arkells, upon hearing I brewed 10 gallon batches at home.

Ian said...

'Hi - what ales have you got please?'
'Fosters, Carling, Strongbow and Guinness love'

(Thanks god I moved out of London...)

Stuart Howe said...

It was a very difficult decision to reach. The standard of entries was very high, in a way you are all winners but without further ado. The winner is Scott Murray! Congratulatulatulations!!!!

Please e-mail me with your postal address and I'll get the minikeg sent tomorrow for Friday delviery.

Anonymous said...

Too late for the competition, and this was actually an overheard rather than said to me directly, but:

"Stout is made from burnt hops."

Scott Murray said...

Cheers Stuart, sorry for the late reply over email but I wait to receive it. Looking forward to writing up about it and sharing it with a few close friends.

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