Saturday 19 March 2011

Toight, Toight like a Toiger

It’s an exciting Saturday. I awoke before my work alarm with none of my normal post-week fatigue. As I write an England rugby team are preparing to break my heart yet my inner boy is still electric with anticipation. An extra layer of excitement comes from the newly-arranged visit to London at the end of April. I shall be strutting my stuff and exposing my wares to a room containing 30 glamorous ladies at Tower Bridge Draft House on the 30th. 30 women in a room with me, Stuart Howe, the 13th Duke of Wynborne, with my reputation? Has no one thought of the consequences? It has worked out quite well really as I will be in London the day before doing Prince William’s pre-wedding bikini wax.

The event at the Draft House has been organised by THE Melissa Cole for the Barley’s Angels. There will be a public event afterwards for all genders and species. I am not going to select beers which I think will specifically appeal to women because I am of the opinion that a human being’s ability to enjoy sophisticated drinks is not affected by the possession of a front bottom. The beers on show for tasting are yet to be completely finalised but won’t be too far removed from:

  1. Cask Atlantic IPA
  2. 2010 Single Brew Reserve
  3. 69 Hop IPA
  4. Monsieur Rock 
  5. Sharp’s Special
  6. 3 year old cask Massive Ale
  7. DW
  8. Turbo Yeast Unspeakable Abhorrence from Beyond the Ninth Level of Hades

I will update with timings and exact tasting journey on a later post. I do hope that you will be avialable to attend.

And when I thought that Saturday could not get any more excitifying. I have just found that 2010 Yearmix is available to download. I'm listening to it now. It’s toight, toight like a toiger!


Melissa Cole said...

If Dutch Hardcore is played anywhere near my Barley's Angels event I shall ensure that you leave with only an aforementioned front bottom - the good news is that, as you have sagely pointed out, this will have no effect on your ability to brew or taste beer.


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