Saturday, 27 March 2010

52 Brews goes global

It had to happen, ‘52 brews’ has gone global! The organisers of the event formally known as Beers of the World Live (Tasting Beers Live) have kindly allowed me to appear and showcase the beers from the blog and many more. The date 18thJune, the place Birmingham NEC. It doesn’t get any more global than that!

Also appearing will be Sharp’s Marketing Manager and Michael Bublé impersonator James ‘blue eyes’ Nicholls. I’ll update the blog with which beers I will be showcasing and the timings of my slot when I get confirmation from Castle Anthrax. Further details of the event will also be available on but they are currently going for the ‘least frequently updated web site’ world record so you may have to wait.

As well as a tutored tasting of 10 beers we will be giving out Sharp’s fun packs. I will also be around after the formal 'Masterclass' to kick and punch if desired.


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