Tuesday 30 March 2010

Fermenters are GO

Yesterday morning we unloaded and installed the FV19 and 20. Here are some pictures of the process. My Engineer, Captain Chaos has been nothing short of heroic in his efforts to get the vessels in place in a very short time frame. If he is reading this he should feel proud for a moment but then get back to the FV room and finish plumbing the bloody glycol supply in!

Well done Pete!


ZakAvery said...

That must have been quite a sight coming down the lane to the brewery. Presumably for the last 10 miles there had to be a man in front waving a red flag to warn anyone trying to drive down the tiny Cornish roads that THEIR LIFE WAS IN DANGER.

Stuart Howe said...

We have to move the big stuff to the brewery in the small hours which I think makes it even more dangerous! The CTs got stuck in a hedge 2 weeks ago but were undamaged. The FVs were seemless sitting patiently when I arrived at 6.

The Canadian brewhouse with the 7 metre diameter mash tun was the biggest pain in the ar5e since ar5es have been painful! We were not a popular company in the locale in June 2008.

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