Monday 1 March 2010

White Horse Heaven

I’d like to thank everyone who made the blog tasting on Friday for coming along and making it a great night. You are all very beautiful and charming people. Feedback was very positive and seemed genuine. Everyone had a favourite with a small majority favouring the Winter Berry Strong (WBS), Chilli IPA and Trappist IPA coming a close joint second. Of course WBS isn’t a blog brew it is our winter seasonal on steroids, it was however brewed on the same equipment as the blog beers. Only the Turbo Yeast Abomination (from Hell) was slated by everyone who tried it. It is a pretty crap drink! But not unintentionally so. We are putting it to good use in the brewery as a floor cleaner.

I’m seriously looking forwards to sharing the next few off the line with you in the near future.

Feel free to leave your tasting notes from the event in comments.

Rock and roll!


Sam said...

Thanks for a great event Stuart, we had a great time.

I'd like to correct you on one point though. My girlfriend quite liked the turbo abomination and once I got over the initial shock I thought it had some interesting flavours....

Looking forward to the next one,


Stuart Howe said...

Glad you enjoyed it Sam. Sorry for missing your young lady's voice amidst the general 'impassioned commentary'

See you next time!

Jamie said...

Cheers for a quality evening Stuart. Twas fantastic and cool to gibber afterwards.

Unfortunately I was blissfully unaware that I was slowly slipping into a hellish viral infection which combined nicely with a hangover built on the questionable foundation of sipping high abv brews on an empty stomach. Alas, I am the master of failure.

Also like to give a shout out to the ESB Barley Champagne. Dangerously gluggable.

Stuart Howe said...

Glad you enjoyed it Jamie and glad the Virus has been defeated.

Stay strong and follow your dreams!

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