Friday 6 August 2010

27 and 28 Peppermint Imperial Stout and Snakebite and Black

In the words of Mc Alee and Evil Activities

"So, Y'all called it played out huh
It's gone it's over
Well, guess what
It's not it’s still here
And bigger than ever

You underestimated the hardest creation in music history
Look at it now, look at you now, stressed up cause your kids got fed up, messing their head up
You know who they went to see? 160BPM, the DJ the MC."

52 Brews is back and it’s bigger than ever. Well it’s about the same size that it always was but at least it’s back. Current time pressures, namely record 7500 firkin record breaking sales weeks and new plant to bed in, have meant a slight shift in the order. So this week I have empirically brewed Peppermint Imperial Stout with mint from my own garden along with imperial malt, imperial hops and imperial yeast. It should taste imperious. To pick up the slack from black July I have also brewed Snakebite and Black with some Cornish Orchards apple juice, pale ale malt, Amarillo hops and crushed blackcurrants. Sorry about the brevity of this post but time waits for no man.


ZakAvery said...

Great to see you back in the saddle.

Mint Imperial Stout. Ha.

No Imperial Stoat?

Stuart Howe said...

Thanks Zak,

No stoat as yet but it's in progress. In order to do it as humanely as possible I am first subjecting the stoat Clockwork Orange-style to repeats of Richard and Judy so that when he is finally dispatched he will be glad to go.

ZakAvery said...

Maybe you could use a pasty instead?

Stuart Howe said...

Nice idea. Beer mashed from spud and 'turnip' spiced with pepper. I shall encase the bottle in pastry with a crimped crust.

My a gar oggy!

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