Sunday 15 August 2010

29. Umami Bomb

Please feel sorry for me today. I have what is medically termed as the screaming ab dabs. I'm sure you don't want to know the details but suffice it say there are teeth marks in the toilet roll holder this morning which weren't there last night.

I heard someone saying that they had ordered some umami on line. I have also read that chefs are adding umami to food to make it more appealing. That’s like saying that earache is down to 50p per kilo in Tesco or cold is now available in four packs. Umami is a sensation on the palate. It is associated with the effects of the amino acid glutamine (glutamate) or ribonucleotides such as inosinate and guanylate on receptors on the tongue. Umami isn’t a flavour as it doesn’t have an aroma. Umami is a Japanese word meaning savoury and pleasant. Savouriness and beer seem a bit incongruous. Beer is a bittersweet drink so to add a savoury taste to it could lead to it being what is technically referred to a bit crap.

We shall see.

Tech Spec:

Malt: pale ale, crystal roasted and roasted wheat

Hops: Galena and Magnum

Yeast: Old English

Spices: Shitake mushrooms, unsalted soy and Glutamic acid


Beard Beer Blogger said...

What is the form of glutamate you are adding, is it just MSG?

Sam said...

No Parmesan or anchovies? Shame I guess younwant to avoid salt as much as possible

Stuart Howe said...

The glutamate is pure(ish)glutamate from a chemical supplier. Wanted to avoid the extra sodium.

The effect of cheese that smells like sick and fish that smell like **** I think would be too big a price to pay for enhanced umami!

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