Monday 2 August 2010

Oz and Hugh - Thoroughly Nice Blokes

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in a farmhouse garden sampling some of the blog beers with Oz Clarke and Hugh Dennis in front of a filmcrew and by the end of filming, about half of Falmouth. For me the shoot didn’t start all that well as it started to look like I had been invited on to talk about my love for the Cornish pasty. My knowledge of the pasty is flimsy at best and I seldom eat them through choice. I hope they cut the pasty bit or at least my comments on this sacred dish because I fear my house will get torched by the Kernow Liberation Front if they don't.

I was very happy with how the beer tasting went. Oz seemed to genuinely rate the beers and Hugh, a self-confessed beersoceptic seemed to appreciate them in concept at least. Hugh did go on to say that he preferred Chalky’s Bark and Doom to any of the blog creations. Oz seemed to be enjoying the Jellyfish Red until he heard that it was made from jellyfish.

Aside from the drizzle, the whole process was an enjoyable and interesting one. I am not sure how I came across on tele but I got through without swearing or fighting so that’s always a good start. I hope they dub over my sniggering in the background as Oz repeatedly used the word cock. The programme with or without sniggering will air early next year.

Finally, to those of you going to the GBBF. Please have a pint for me and congratulate Thornbridge or St Austell on getting the CBOB on my behalf.


Melissa Cole said...

I'm sure you'll be awesome lovely x

Koops said...

Tell me Stuart - are Oz's teeth really THAT yellow? Or is it all just a trick of the light?

Stuart Howe said...

Oz's teeth were holywood white yesterday koops

BeerReviewsAndy said...

shame you're not coming to GBBF, i'll have a pint for you...anything you would like me to have on your behalf??

oh and i just aquired a bottle of your 50 hop and heston ale from a mutual friend so thanks for that too!

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