Thursday, 7 January 2010

2. Barley Wine with ESB yeast

Look at my exciting flask! The foamy stuff is the ESB yeast which has come from an unnamed Chiswick Brewery via the USA in a little foil pouch. Tomorrow the billion or so yeast cells from the foil pack would have been rampantly asexual to the point where there should be a few trillion in my flask ready for the full 60 litre fermentation. To add a competitive twist I am combining the ESB yeast with their formerly Wandsworth-based competitor’s yeast which we have on stock in the brewery.

The wort will be mashed tomorrow. Pale ale malt, roast barley, crystal and glucose (to counter excessive fullness) to an OG of 1090 very, very generously hopped with Northdown, Fuggles and Challenger. All boringly classic Barley Wine ingredients, sorry. Sometimes you have to stay faithful to what works. A warm fermentation will necessitate wrapping the fermenter in towels and leaving it next to the hot liquor tank in the brewhouse.

The Turbo Yeast™ for my next brew waits menacingly at the post office, biding its time before it carries out its abomination. There was a snow flurry on Tuesday in Bodmin so we have no post until Monday while the entire staff of the Cornish post office gawp at the light dusting of white stuff on the ground. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t sleet or snow again this week or brew 3 may have to change.


thyme said...

Drove past PL31 postcode sector today, snow visible; scant chance of postal deliveries ...

Mark, said...

My postman turned up yesterday as I was helping push my girlfriends car up the road, wearing shorts whilst trudging through about 8 inches of slush and snow on his round.

"You must be cold mate" I quipped.

"Eh nooo, it's alreight today!" was the response.

thyme said...

they are tough up north :)

Melissa Cole said...

Mmmmm, barley wine!

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